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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX News  February 25, 2024 7:00am-8:00am PST

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do dinner. will: give us the secret. >> we come out, we cook, we clean, we serve, we do everything for you, we've got takeout, pick it up, take the it home, steam the it yourself. super, super easy. rachel: what were you doing in that dorm room? >> well, probably not what i should have been. [laughter] it worked out. pete: they do have their own beers. >> we have our own bloody mary mixer our own cocktail sauce, our own spice, and one thing i want to talk about is our charitable arm. the main focus is mental health resources in seasonal beach communities which are so vastly underserved. so what we're trying to do is build resources and help out folks that may be a little bit underserved. we also do entrepreneurship stuff. we also do -- pete: web site for that. >> outer banks boil pete: love it. matt, thank you very much. >> thank you guys so much. pete: more "fox & friends" in a moment. ♪ ♪ maria: good sunday morning,
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everyone. welcome to "sunday morning futures." i'm maria bartiromo. thanks so much for join us this morning. today, president trump does it again, winning another election contest last night in south carolina. >> now there's a spirit that i have never if seen. we ran two great races -- [cheers and applause] but there's never been, ever, there's never been a spirit like this. and i just want to say that i have never seen the republican party so up unified -- so unified as it is right now. [cheers and applause] maria: so will trump face off against biden this november? if coming up right here, the case against joe biden. the chairman of the judiciary and oversight committees are here ahead of a key week in the impeachment inquiry against president biden. ohio congressman jim jordan and kentucky congressman james comer ahead of this week's behind closed door testimony from hunter biden amidst educations of money -- allegations of money laundering, bribery and influence peddling.
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then, the impact to america's to national security. fox news contributor mike pompeo with reaction to president biden's response to america's adversaries. plus, former defense department chief of staff kash patel and miranda devine with reaction. then this, deadly consequences. an innocent nursing student murdered by a venezuelan who breached the country at the el paso, texas, border illegally in 2022. arizona senate candidate and trump surrogate carey lake and the reality of -- kari lake and the reality of biden's open border crisis. it's all right here, right now on "sunday morning futures." ♪ ♪ maria: and we begin this sunday morning with a look at the case against president joe biden. the first son, hunter biden, is set to testify behind closed doors on capitol hill this upcoming wednesday before the house oversight and judiciary committees. all of this as part of his
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father's ongoing impeachment inquiry. this past week james biden, the president's brother, appeared before the committees to answer questions regarding his family's overseas business deals that brought in tens of millions of dollars to biden family members. in his opening statement the, james biden declared his older brother had nothing to do with their financial transactions saying, quote, i have had a 50-year career in a variety of business ventures. joe biden has never had any involvement or any direct or indirect financial interest in those activities. none. if said -- said james guiden. but a source familiar with the interview told fox news that james biden claimed he was not part of a deal with hunter biden and tony bobulinski and rob walker, but then when shown a contract with his signature on it, biden said he did not recall signing that deal. james biden's claim that president biden never once participated in any of the family's business deals contradicts what tony bobulinski told the committee two weeks earlier saying in part, quote,
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it is clear to me that joe biden was the brand being sold by the biden family. his family's foreign influence-peddling operation from china to ukraine and elsewhere sold out to foreign actors who were seeking to gain influence and access to joe biden and the u.s. government. if joe biden was more than a participant in and beneficiary of his family's business, he was an enabler, said bobulinski. biden's denials also contradict politico's reporting as an agreement between james biden and americorps who is now suing james biden, by the way. but at the time, the deal included a proposal to give joe biden a seat on the board were according to "the politico" source, and equity in the company according to another source with biden promising he would raise money for the company through his overseas sources. that would be a similar structure first proposed in a separate deal between hunter biden and his partners with chinese company cefc which, according to the e-mails,
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including 10% equity held by h for the big guy who bobulinski said is joe biden. meanwhile, special counsel dade weiss revealing additional details into the arrest alexander smirnoff, fbi informant who the bureau e had said was a longtime, valuable source of information and was being paid six figures. after providing information regarding a burisma executive telling him he had to pay $5 million to one biden and another $5 million to the other biden to get protection, a statement later memorialized in an fbi document, smirnoff was charged with making false statements about the ukrainian energy company paying joe and hunter biden. in his filing weiss wrote, quote: during his custodial interview on february 14th, smirnoff admitted officials associate with russian intelligence were involved with passing a story about business person one who is hunter biden. i spoke with congress congressman jason smith on wednesday on "mornings with
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maria with the on fox business, i asked hum if he believed influence peddling took place under joe biden's tenure with as vice president under president obama. >> without a doubt, maria. we see so many instances where there were official activities in the vice president's office that were also tied up with hunter biden and james biden's business associates. maria: wow. joining me right now in this "sunday morning futures "exclusive are two of the leading chairmen overseeing the impeachment inquiry against president biden, house oversight committee chairman james comer and ohio congressman jim jordan. gentlemen, thank you so much for being here this morning. >> good to be with you. >> thank you. maria: chairman comer, let me kick it off with you ahead of this interview with hunter biden. can you assess where this case stands? >> yeah. well, what we heard or from jim biden this past week was very
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similar evidence that we've heard from tony bobulinski. the bidens were very involved as a family in influence peddling. i mean, when congresswomen biden says he has a 50-year career in business, the only business that i can find over the course of that 50 years revolves around joe biden, selling the brand. we've with heard devon archer testify about this under oath, tony bobulinski and all the associates. we've had other associates that haven't received the press that biden, archer and bobulinski received in interviews and depositions, and they all say the same thing, that the biden family capitalized off of joe biden. and with jim biden, he said some things that aren't consistent with other people who we've interviewed, with other amount as of evidence that we have in the form of text messages and e-mails, and right now as we speak, maria, our staff's going to over, reviewing all that determining whether or not jim biden, in fact, told the truth in his transcribe ised interview. maria: i want to get your take on the structure of these deals
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because politico is reporting about this americorps deal that jim bind was involved with, and they say -- jim biden was involved with, and they say he spoke of plans to give his brother, equity in americorps according to an executive and install him on the board according to a second source. he said, and at the final years of the obama administration, obama gave joe biden the portfolio of health care, and there's a quote here saying this would be a perfect platform to expose by brother's team, joe bide, to your protocol -- joe biden, jim biden wrote to the ceo of the tampa-area company that that controlled licensing rights to the experimental cancer treatment that was going on at americorps. do you see a similarity between the deal that james biden struck with americorps to a deal that was struck with china between hunter biden and cefc? >> absolutely. there's a pattern here of where
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both hunter biden and jim biden influence peddled with prospective clients that were going to in turn pay them huge sums of money. their pitch was joe biden not only is our relative, but joe biden wants an equity ownership stake. joe biden even wants a seat on the board. we've seen this with two former biden associates now have confirmed this with cefc, and now we have the third, jim biden, who's confirmed, you know, who through evidence that you just mentioned said this with americorps health. so this is a pattern of how the biden family operated. not only did they wink and nod that they were related to joe biden, they made the people believe that joe biden was going to actually take an ownership interest in these schemes. maria: chairman jordan, what can you tells us about this case -- tell us about this case as you get set to interview hunter biden this wednesday? >> yeah. well, my big takeaway from jim biden's interview is who are you going to believe, jim biden who
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multiple times has change changed his story, jim biden who had multiple business ventures who failed, jim biden who had multiple people he still owes hundreds of thousands of dollars to or tony bobulinski whose story has not changed, who came forward and said certain things that jim biden just totally disagreed with. jim biden said that hunter biden and -- excuse me, that joe biden never met with tony bobulinski. tony bobulinski's said that for four years and been forward about that. i don't think jim biden was square with us in this interview, and as a chairman comer mentioned, that's why the staff is going back through the transcript and figuring out exactly what he said and where that disagrees with what we know to be true. maria: are you going to ask hunter biden what the business was? because, you know, looking at all these millions of dollars that you have identified that have gone to biden family members, it begs the question what were they paying for? >> yeah. they were paying for the brand, access to the brand with. the brand was joe biden. we knew that from devon archer
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was hunter biden's business partner. we got that when deb archer was in his deposition last summer. so everyone knows it was access to the brand. best example is hunter biden is working with -- hunter biden and his business partners are working with cefc, these eight individuals from china. they're trying to close this deal. the agreement doesn't get finalized, done until their at the four seasons restaurant and joe biden does a drop-in, stops in and sees hunter bide, his business partners and eight individuals from cefc, eight chinese individuals. they're there at the lunch. joe biden gets in, makes a short presentation and then leaves. a few weeks later is when the $3 million wire comes in to hunter biden. that was the brand coming in to close the deal. that's how this whole thing operated. and, again, the white house story about joe biden's involvement has changed multiple times, but tony bobulinski's story hasn't, and the whistleblowers' story hasn't changed. but david weiss, the white house, joe biden, jim biden,
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their story has changed multiple times. we'll see what hunter biden says this wednesday. maria: chairman comer, your democrat colleagues are mocking the investigation, you know that. they say it's all a russian disinformation. so give us your take on mr. smirnoff now being indicted and saying that a russian passed on the story, and i also want to get your take on this latest information that you have gotten from mr. galanis who is still in prison? >> uh-huh. yeah. all we know, knew about smirnoff was the 1023 allegation. we knew from fbi sources that the fbi had never investigated it, and and all we knew is what christopher wray told us, that this informant was one of their most trust thed and highest paid in the bureau, and he had been in that position for over ten years. that's all we knew about a him. he wasn't an important part of the case, but it was a tip that we should investigation. we are not going to leave any stone unturned. we're going to investigate every
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allegation of biden influence peddling. with respect to galanis, the individual we interviewed this past friday, what we learned was very similar to what tony bobulinski is said, that he was familiar with the cefc deal. he knew that joe biden played a integral role in helping set this up, that this deal was set up when joe biden was vice president and that they believe, the chinese believed that joe biden was going to be an equity owner in this just like what we saw with americorps health. this is how the bidens sold the brand. they didn't just use joe biden as a crutch, they used joe biden as a potential board member, as a potential equity owner. and that's how they were able to receive tens of millions of dollars from our enemies around the world. maria: so what do you think was most egregious or important for us to understand about the testimony you took from galanis who is sitting in an alabama a prison?
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>> well, there are three people now, three former associates -- there aren't that many former biden associates. but we now have three that have testified that joe spoke with all the principals that were sending money mysteriously to the biden shell companies that were then being laundered down to the biden family members. three different people that have said now that joe was going to be involved in some type of own or hardship arrangement. this is the -- ownership arrangement. this is a pattern, and it didn't just happen with cefc in china, it also happened with the americorps scam in florida. so we're establishing a pattern here of not only influence peddling, but also of joe biden's involvement in the influence-peddling schemes. maria: chairman jordan, i find it really stunning that smirnoff gets indicted and they say that it's -- >> yeah. maria: -- because he got information from russians if and it was not true, and yet christopher steele is still out there. there has been no accountability whatsoever -- >> yeah. maria: you all have been unable
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to pin anybody down about what we know to be true, that the are russia collusion story was a lie and that steele dossier was made up. how come christopher steele was never indicted? >> yeah, no kidding. he continued to get paid after they found out what he told the fbi wasn't true and, of course, now we have this smirnoff guy, and he gets indicted and arrested not once, but twice. here is the interesting thing about smirnoff, david weiss, the guy who's been investigating hunter biden for now almost five years, david weiss had this information, the 20 -- 1023, back in 2020. what did he do for the last three and a half yearsesome why didn't he look into it before? because all we knew is what chairman comer just said, christopher wray said this was a great source, confidential human source that we've been paying for 14 years. he's helped put away bad guys. the safety of him is jeopardized if we give you access to this 1023. and now -- maybe the guy did lie, i don't know. but it seems strange to me, because it looks like david
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weiss didn't do a darn thing with this until after the plea deal falls apart last july. because if you read the indictment, in july is when they go talk to the confidential human source's handler is and start this process that ultimately led to his arrest. so we'll have to see. the other thing is as you point out, in 2016 it was trump-russia collusion. we found out that was garbage. in 020 it was, oh, the laptop's a russian information operation. we knew that was garbage. and here we go, the third time, one more time they're bringing out this story. again, maybe this summer smirnoff guy did lie, we'll have to see, but there's a lot of questions many people have about how it was all dealt with. maria: we're going to connect the dots to the national security threat here but, chairman comer, there is a story out in public by michael shellenberger, the independent journalist. he writes this: chinese control over u.s. oil and gas at a heart of biden family influence peddling. new whistleblower reveals. what -- or do you agree with
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that, that this was all about selling the u.s.' oil and gas businesses to china? is that the crux of the deals between the hunter biden group and china? >> i think that was a big part of it. i think the whole premise of what cefc was paying the bidens to do was to be able to gain access to all of our markets. not just our energy markets, but our farm lan, our manufacturing. the -- farmland. the whole purpose of cefc, which was the chinese government. that's what people have to understand. the chinese government was cefc. they were paying the biden family. they wanted to initiate their belt and road initiative in the united states. we've seen them do that in african countries. we've seen them do that in many third world countries. now they were taking steps forward to try to do this in the united states, and they were using the biden family as their entry point into, to be able to gain access to our financial market, our energy markets and everything else. that's the thing that every
7:18 am
american should be offended at, that in the private sector joe biden was going to work for the chinese government. and that may answer why he has a china first, america last policy as a president. maria: well, i mean, chairman jordan, it is stunning because this entire term as a president, this president has been attacking fossil fuels and pushing this climate change agenda. so cutting off america from fossil fuels and selling it, enabling our number one adversary to become that much stronger. >> here's a fact that we've learned from jim biden that supports this idea that it was all about access to the bidens. the initial deal with cefc involved hunter biden, and then james gill car, rob walker and mr. bobulinski. those people all -- when jim biden's brought in, the other three partners get pushed out, and hunter biden and jim biden say we're just going to do the deal. it's just going to be the two bidens and china. and the chinese guy with cefc,
7:19 am
they were fine with that. we asked jim biden, they were fine. yeah, i didn't want these other guys in the deal. so it was all about a access to that family, access to that brand. that was what was at stake here and what was being peddled and what was being sold. maria: yeah. and i know, real quick, one of those chinese officials sent hunter biden a diamond. i've been told that diamonds are a very good way to hide wealth. you just give it to your, you know, children or whatever, you don't put it in the will, you don't put it on your taxes. was that the plan here, james comer? >> yeah. well, he actually got two diamonds from china, one while joe biden was vice president. so while joe biden was vice president, you know, your family's not supposed to receive gifts, maria. hunter biden got a porsche from kazahkstan stand and a diamond from china. i mean, if the american people or the democrats on the oversight committee aren't outraged by this, then i don't know what would outrage anyone. maria: wow. >> the american people don't want their public officials to be on the take, and that's what
7:20 am
it sure looks like the biden family did the whole time joe biden was vice president. maria: all right. we will leave it there and wait for the testimony next week on wednesday. gentlemen, thank you. we'll be following your work, for sure. james comer, jim jordan. thank you, gentlemen. quick break and then reaction to the breaking news we just learned with new york post columnist mirandaty twine and carb pa them. -- kash patel. but first, president biden claims to get tough on russia, but no sanctions on china despite rising aggression from the ccp. now the u.s.' top as very share. former secretary of state mike pompeo is here on biden's foreign policy emboldening america's adversaries and the impact on national security. stay with ♪ h get gas. [laughing] get a little slack on pump three! earn big with chase freedom unlimited. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours.
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>> really for the last three years our number one geopolitical adversary has been taking advantage. of america and worsening our national security posture against them because of joe biden and because of his policies. maria: and that was former director of national intelligence john ratcliffe with me here two weeks ago on president biden's lack of a response to communist china's aggression against the united states. the pentagon this weekend i calling a high altitude balloon flying over the western united states friday property of an
7:25 am
amateur balloonist and not a product of china. the pentagon says it does not pose a national security threat. remember, it was just about a year ago hen chinese spy balloon was was deed detected traveling across america before it was shot down after six days of flight. it was at that time former dni ratcliffe said it was likely sending information back to beijing in realtime, something the pentagon has denied. 9/11 -- meanwhile, the federal election commission has sworn in a chinese immigrant despite not having citizenship. kelly wong from hong kong in the united states on a visa was unanimously appointed by san francisco's board of supervisors to the elections commission due to the measure approved by voters back in 2020 that eliminated u.s. citizenship as a requirement to be on that board. by the way, they did the ceremony in chinese. in her new role, wong is to be part of a group that will oversee and implement policy for the department of elections in san francisco even though she
7:26 am
cannot legally vote. joining me now with the impact on all of this is the former secretary of state and fox news contributor mike pompeo. secretary pompeo, thank you so much for being here this morning. >> maria, it's great to be with you morning. maria: we've been talking about this ill people. inquiry against president biden -- impeachment inquiry. but i want to get to the threat as you see it because for many years you've been saying communist china is inside the gates of america. talktous about that threat. >> so the example you just gave, a non-u.s. citizen, chinese ethnicity, now sworn many to be in the middle of american elections. maria, i cannot tell you how crazy that is, how dangerous that is. imagine the inverse, imagine if an american non-chinese, of american ethnicity, somebody who was italian like me becoming part of the chinese election system? it wouldn't happen. we are fools to think that that is for the good of the united states or the good of the people of san francisco. and i could go through scores of cases when it's the spy operation that was being conducted in houston, texas, the
7:27 am
fact that they have now invested in america in ways that they sit on our stock exchanges, have information systems that are speaking to our children,nal of those things are here. they're inside the gates. they're not about taiwan, they're not about japan, they're not about the south pacific, they're about things that are happening inside the united states. and when i hear folks say, gosh, we're not focused on foreign policy, we -- american people are thinking about domestic policy, i'm very confident the american people are aware that domestic policy involves making sure the chinese communist party doesn't continue to steal american jobs, intellectual property. that's about our jobs and prosperity here at home. we have to push back, and the biden administration has steadfastly refused to do so. maria: and overtake just our democrat, free living and our lifestyle is really a worry. but you just mentioned chinese companies on u.s. exchanges, and i want to zero in on that because is it not true that so many chinese companies are in our indexes and in, you know,
7:28 am
etfs, and it enables american investors to buy those companies and, in effect, expand and fund the expansion of the chinese communist party? our number one adversary? why doesn't joe biden do something about that? we have the most liquid markets, and everybody wants to be in our markets. isn't there the a way to stop our number one adversary from being a part of that? >> we do, we have the deepest capital markets in the world. the nurse thing that should be done is -- first thing is to require these companies to meet disclosures that we require every other country in the world to do and not give the chinese communist party an exception. we don't require the same accounting rules. we created an exception for the chinese because, frankly, they've been big and have created a lot of wealth for america. we should know this too, just as they are now working against us in these capital marketplaces using american money to fund what are chinese communist party companies, there's no such thing as a private chinese company. they're doing the same thing in our educational institutions. they are working against us
7:29 am
there, providing money, research grants, paying for students to come in. maria, they are at the center of so many american institutions, and we need to wake up, get this right, shape our policies to put them as an american first set of policies x. if when we do, i'm convinced we'll prevail. i'm not worried about the chinese communist party beating us, i'm worried about us just standing down and allowing them to walk over us. maria: has the president done anything about the thousands or tens of thousands of chinese nationals that are coming into america through the open border? what do you make of that? >> yes, maria, he's e done something, he's welcomed them. [laughter] he's processed them and said i'll ceo in a decade -- see you in a decade. i say that that seebsly. maria: why are they here in. >> the chinese communist party has total control of who leaves their country. anybody who came here from china would have had a hard time escaping the chinese communist party. they went with the communist party's permission. so some number of these individuals, i think we're now in the tens of thousands who have come across in just the
7:30 am
last handful of months, some of them are here doing the work of the chinese communist party. this will come back to haunt us in the years ahead, you can write it down. maria: let me address two over issues given we are watching two wars underway right now and, of course, you have talked about the impact of the botched withdrawal out of afghanistan which has certainly put our adversaries on the march. but in russia president biden says he is about a to put into place serious sanctions against russia for its aggression against ukraine and this ongoing war. do you believe that will stop putin? >> when i hear biden, serious and sanctions in the same sentence, maria -- [laughter] i laugh. they've had two years to actually put sanctions in place that would restrict the capacity for the russian economy to grow and fund its military machine that's killing ukrainian kids. i doubt seriously whatever sanctions they're going to put in place in the coming weeks are going to do anything different. frankly, we were talking about talking about the china, the russians are selling their crude
7:31 am
oil to china at a discount. the two of them are working together. the iranian regime is sending missiles and high-end capabilities to russia. none of the sanctions have been enforced at a level that actually make a material difference that can provide what ukraine needs to ultimately defeat vladimir putin. maria: and the fact that china is selling the oil, that is why i pointed out the story earlier that michael shellenberger's reporting, chinese control over u.s. oil and gas is at the heart of the biden family inebb nuance peddling according to a whistleblower -- influence peddling. real quick, i know you just got back from israel, secretary. president biden is trying to get israel to do a ceasefire in its pushback and retaliation against hamas. your thoughts. >> it's tragic. president biden hasn't been able to identify who the good guys are and the bad guys there. it's a consistent problem. you know, just this week if biden administration -- the biden administration upended the pompeo doctrine where we said it's okay for the jewish people
7:32 am
to live in judea and sumeria. he now told them these people are occupiers, they're illegal. that only supports hamas and iran. it encourages israel's adversaries to stay in the fight and put pressure on the israeli government. they've got the wrong end of the stick. israel needed to do to close out this threat from hamas. i'm confident that they will do so. but the united states needs to stand strong with the people who are in their rightful homeland, the jews in their rightful homeland in israel. if we get that right, the gulf states will be with us, israel will be with us, and iran will be con stained. maria: secretary, thank you very much. >> thank you, maria. have a good day. maria: good to see you, sir. thank you. we'll be right back. project hele it's possible to get out there - [speaker] to feel sense of camaraderie again. - [speaker] to find the tools to live life better. - [narrator] through generous community support, we've connected warriors and their families with no cost physical and mental health services, legislative advocacy,
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career assistance, and life skill training for 20 years, and we are just getting started.
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7:37 am
georgia campus, is a venezuelan national who crossed illegally into america through the el paso, texas, open border back in september of 2022. he was released into the united states via with parole. fox news cameras were on site weekend when i.c.e. released hundreds more illegals into san diego on friday. bill melugin interviewed many of them who said they were planning to go to several big cities including new york, and chicago among others. new data from customs and border protection shows 140,000 migrants have illegally crossed into the san diego sector since october with approximately 12,000 from special interest countries which the department of homeland security has classified as potential threats to u.s. national security. on wednesday border patrol chief jason owens posted on x: agents have caught over 6,400 illegal migrants with criminal convictions so far this fiscal year. now with the election day just 254 days away, president biden is reportedly considering issue ising an executive the order to stem the tide of illegal border
7:38 am
crossings three years after he issued a slew of executive orders rescinding former president trump's successful immigration security policy at the border. joining me right now with more in this exclusive "sunday morning futures" interview i is arizona senate republican candidate kari lake. thanks very much for being here. >> i'm happy to be here. it's disturbing to e see those figures you just put out, the crime against american citizens that really shouldn't even be happening right now. maria: and bill melugin reported earlier that he ran into a group from georgia, the country georgia near russia, and he said that they were, this group was wearing ankle bracelets on their ankle. we don't the know specific details about it but, clearly, an ankle bracelet means you're being watched. i assume by authorities in georgia. your reaction to what's going on in arizona right now. >> we're seeing the crime spiking in arizona, and this as people here illegally committing crime against people in american
7:39 am
cities. it's adding insuggest to injury, because we already know this is wrong, what's happening. -- insult to injury. we have a gang of latin american, professional criminals who have been breaking into people's homes. they're called the dinner time bandits. they break into people's homes, ransack the entire home, and it's only a matter of time before they come face to face with somebody and there's violence. but it's affecting people. not only are they breaking into our country, then they're breaking into homes. and these homes are in the suburbs. these homes aren't right along the border. so this is affecting us. not only that, we hook at what's happening with our hospitals where they're overrun with people here illegally not paying the bill, the hospital in yuma is at risk of going under because of that. they've got $20 million in unpaid bills. and if we lose a hospital in a town like yuma, that is, that's an important hospital. there's not a secondary and a backup option if we lose these hospitals because they can no longer do business. so it's affecting us greatly.
7:40 am
the fentanyl pouring across, our children getting access to that or dying because of it, it's got to stop. joe biden could stop the it first thing tomorrow morning if he really wanted to, but he doesn't. this is by design. i think he created this problem intentionally. maria: what, what happens once these people are here in america? if are they beholden to the drug cartels who enable them and who got them here in the fist place? -- first mace? because i've been told that,s and, by the way, that could also refer to these people from georgia with the ankle bracelets on. maybe the drug cartels are monitoring them, i don't know. but the point is, is i was told that there are cartels working with the chinese communist party is setting up things like massage parlors and other businesses which are a front for human trafficking here in america. what happens once these folks are here in america, and i'm talking about the bad ones that we know are on terrorist watch lists? >> well, and a big majority are, i think, here for nefarious with
7:41 am
reasons. you look at these, the pictures of the people coming across the border, this is -- these are military-aged menful we have a foreign army here on our homeland. this is the biggest invasion we've ever seen. they're taking our home, we don't even have enough housing for american citizens. our resources, our social services. these ngos are helping to funnel them, and they're taking our tax money to help funnel and process these people. and surely, the cartels are involved as well. and, you know, these people, many of them, are undentured servants. they have to pay off their bill to the cartel, and then you've got the criminal element which i think is growing by the day, and we're seeing it with, you know, just victim, laken, who died and was killed. it's just outrageous, and the american people have had enough. unfortunately, they're coming to every community. it's not just arizona. we're the pipeline for all of that, you know, drug funneling, human trafficking. but it's going to new york, it's going to chicago, it's going to kansas and iowa. every single state is suffering
7:42 am
because of this. and some very bad people are coming in. very bad people who are going to hurt americans. maria: and now we know that most people understand the consequences immigration and the border is the number one issue for voters. we saw president trump win again last night if in south carolina -- in south carolina, and yet the republicans can't seem to do anything in terms of securing the border. why not? if i mean, we just had this whole, you know, senate bill which was not securing the border. again, every effort seems to fall flat. >> well, that was a complete joke, that bill. i mean, by kyrsten sinema, an arizona senator, who should know better but she doesn't spend enough time in arizona understanding what's happening. that bill sent, what, $90-95 billion overseas to kill people but spent zero building a border wall which would actually keep people from coming across the border. it spent zero to really enforce detaining and deporting these
7:43 am
people. they want these people to come in. that's the problem with so much of washington, d.c., they want these people to come pouring in, they want the cheap labor. but unfortunately, it's killing americans in the process. so it's hard for republicans to really do something about it when we have a joe biden sitting in the white house. and that's why we have to get president trump reelected. we have to rally behind him. stop this side show that nikki haley is trying and really focus on president trump, his incredible policies. he will shut this nonsense down on day one. i'm honored to have his endorsement. he knows i want to go to the u.s. senate to help him make sure that we can keep america safe and also build that border wall and stop this invasion and, frankly, we have to repatriate all of these people back to their homeland in order to save our homeland. i support that, and i know president trump does as well. maria: kari, if you get into the senate, will you support term limits? >> you know, i think if we have really great, honest elections that people had faith in, we would be able to vote people
7:44 am
out. but when we have elections run the way they are, it's impossible to vote some of these people out. if we had honest elections, i don't think we would need term limits, but since we don't, i think we do need to have them. maria: kari, thank you. carr i lake in arizona. we'll be right back. >> thank you. ♪ ♪ (♪) there's two things a young man wanna be - a cowboy or a gangster. and a gangster's outta style.
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maria: welcome back. breaking news earlier in the program from both house oversight committee chairman james comer and judiciary chairman jim jordan on their investigation into allegations of influence peddling and bribery against president biden. joining me right now with reaction is "the new york post" columnist and fox news contributor miranda devine along with former department of defense chief of staff kash patel. thanks very much for being here, both of you. miranda, i want to kick it off with you particularly about this information we got about mr. galanis, the committees did an interview with him on friday from prison, and it matched exactly with what bobulinski
7:49 am
told them two weeks earlier. your reaction. >> yes, maria. what bobulinski and also devon archer told them, this fits a pattern of the sort of biden shakedown behavior of their foreign benefactors. hunter biden got his father on the phone twice, once we're told in brooklyn with his russian benefactor, elena if bat arena, who's with vladimir putin and, again, was not sanctioned on friday. she's described to his father by hunter biden, hello, say hello. we're doing business with these people. twice galanis has mentioned this. also talking about golf course conversations with joe biden, devon archer and hunter biden in which they do talk business, and they talk about joe biden going on the board with of one of these chinese entities after he
7:50 am
finishes as vice president. so there's a lot to unpack there, but i'm sure that the democrats will try and downplay it because the source comes from prison. but the fact is hunter biden was dealing with a lot of shady characters. a plot of them are in prison, dead, fugitives, in jail, you know? that's the way he rolled, those were the people that he hung out with. maria: well, you make a good point because president biden said that he's putting all of these sanctions, 500 sanctions, against russians and oligarchs, and yet here we have again elena bat arena who is the woman who with sent hunter biden a check for $3.5 million, this was the wife of the former mayor of moscow. she was not part of any of those russian sanctions on friday, was she? >> exactly. and this is, again, she's evaded sanctions. of course they can't sanction her because then that would look bad for hunter biden and, thus, for joe biden and the rest of
7:51 am
the family. maria: yeah. >> so they'll avoid sanctioning him as far as possible. her, i mean. maria: and, kash patel, miranda just mentioned the fact that we are talking about the democrats' reaction, and that's exactly what we're getting. they're mocking this because galanis was interviewed in prison. >> no, that's exactly right. look, when it's politically sent for informants and people that the fbi utilizes to project a political narrative, they will become the biggest hypocrites in the world, and that's extended to the informant class. the fbi political informant if operation has become a political leviathan that will rear its head when it's convenient to establish a political narrative. and they've tone that yet again with the arrest of this latest finish bi inform minute. it -- informant. maria: if i want to talk more about christopher steele. let's slip in a short break and if come right back with miranda devine and kash patel. stay with us.[car ♪ and my dignity. get out of the way!
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democrats agree. conservative republican steve garvey is the wrong choice for the senate. ...our republican opponent here on this stage has voted for donald trump twice. mr. garvey, you voted for him twice... as your own man, what is your decision? garvey is wrong for california. but garvey's surging in the polls. fox news says garvey would be a boost to republican control of the senate. stop garvey. adam schiff for senate.
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i'm adam schiff, and i approve this message. maria: welcome back. i am back with miranda devine and former department of defense chief of staff kash patel. it is really stunning that smirnoff was indicted but still no accountability at all from the russia collusion lie. i know you lived it. your reaction. >> look, the fbi's political informant operation must be shut down. from christopher steele to
7:56 am
summer now have, we have found -- smirnoff, we have found out that the these were the best assets the fbi e ever had, and what happens to them? they become indicted for political corruption. this cannot happen in the united states of america. and, remember, this smirnoff indictment is based off a 4-year-old report. a 4-year-old report. what does the n birx -- fbi do when they indict some of their best political assets? they make cutouts that they substitute and supplant for it. so we need to disband this the operation, and congress needs to stop funding taxpayer-funded politicization of the informant operation at the fbi. it's destroying our faith in law enforcement. congress needs to do better and hold the fbi accountable. maria: pardon me. i'm sorry, kash. you would think we would all be on the same page about this, but the democrats are mocking the impeachment quirely. >> they're -- mocking it because they're -- maria: sorry. go ahead, miranda. sorry, kash. go ahead, miranda. >> sorry. look, i think the fbi's already
7:57 am
destroyed their own confidential human source program because of that they've done to this guy, smirnoff. he was fine for 14 years to give them information about russians, and now suddenly they're indicting him for the same thing. maria: yes. >> it's ridiculous. maria: thank you so much for being here. we so appreciate your time. mornin g futures." i'll see you tomorrow morning oo "mornings with maria. from the that's caaaaaaaaash. cashback like a pro with chase freedom unlimited. how do you cashback?
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